The Music Room

October 5, 2009

I got past it. The weekend was a wee tad unpleasant due to having to live with not being perfect. But it’s Sunday evening now. I’m past it.

No, I didn’t get a weekend, but that’s the way it goes down sometimes. I got Monday and Tuesday off last week. I got to accompany my husband to his colonoscopy. While he was knocked out on drugs that were apparently quite enjoyable, I skipped out to go to the fabric store. When I returned the recovery room full of gowned people farting their hearts out due to air being admitted into their colons during their colonoscopies. The nurse said, “That’s why we call this the music room.” A whole room full of grown ups being coached to play the tuba in tandem. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it’s your turn. Bottoms up!

I see that my sister posted a picture of the rug I am working on on her facebook page. That’s sweet. (It’s a lot more finished than this now, but here’s the photo she posted: .)

Rug hooking is turning out to be the return to art I needed. I just sit with my hooks and my fabrics. I don’t have to deal with paint or setting anything up. I just have everything in boxes and baskets by my mother-in-law’s rocking chair, where I sit to hook. I’ve spent way too much on fancy rug hooking equipment that makes it even more fun. I ordered a wool cutter and 2 blades but they haven’t come in the mail yet which is frustrating. But I have a cool frame and several cool hooks. My favorite has a foam handle, making it really comfy to hook with.

Once I finish this inaugeral project, I’m going to start on a series of dogs at their owners’ feet. I realized some time back that I have tons of photos of dogs and their owners’ feet from classes and just out in public. Several are from our trip to London last year. I had planned to frame and hang some of the photos, but now I think I’ll turn them into pooch portraits in wool.

What will I do with them? I have no idea. Zen is about not striving, just being in the now. I will hook them for the love of hooking and for the love of dogs.


Meditator Tot

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